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The Little Morsel by Rachel Rener & Alora Carter – Book Review

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Title: The Little Morsel by Rachel Rener & Alora Carter
Date of Publication: February 2, 2022
Length: 75 pages
Genre: Fantasy

My Review

This was a super quick, beautiful, wholesome and heartwarming fantasy read, for adults and middle grade alike.

A grumpy retired war hero (dragon) living a pretty solitary and routine life. A small stray Hooman that arrives at his boulder. A quest for applesauce and an unlikely friendship that will give you all of the feels.

This is a slice of life kind of tale and I was so here for it. Feral gave me mild Mr Wilson vibes from Dennis the Menace, for those old enough to remember the original movie. A grumpy old man who befriends a child and their friendship saves each other. We don’t get into detail as to why Morsel left her village, but it’s clear she wasn’t safe there, and that was all that was needed. Any further detail would’ve tainted the wholesomeness of the story.

There were a couple of points where I thought the story was going in a different direction due to the dialogue that never came to be. I would’ve loved to see the ‘magic’ happen there and the story to be a little longer with more adventures they shared. Still, this was a beautiful palette cleanser to break up all the grim and dark fantasy I’ve been reading of late and super cute.

If you are after a quick feel good read to make you the warm fuzzies, this is the one for you ๐Ÿ™‚

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