The Indie Accords Announcement

The Indie Accords is back for Round II

The Indie Accords is a readathon created to celebrate Indie and Self Published books. Stories that have been published exactly as the author intended. There is a lot of stigma around self published books and this is a chance to showcase how amazing indies are and try to change that incorrect assumption.


The #IndieAccordsReadathon22 is a month long readathon. It will begin July 1 in your own timezone and run until 11:59pm 31st of July.

Most of the books that are Indie or self published are available on Kindle Unlimited so you can read and try many books! All for the cost of one month if you don’t already have it, though I’m sure there is a free monthly trial. If you do already have KU… FREE MONTH OF READING.

The Indie Accords is team based because it’s fun! Who doesn’t love a bit of friendly competition?

This year there are 3 teams, captained by 2 amazing booktubers each. You can sign up for one team only. How you decide this is up to you. Each team has genres the captains predominantly read, however, neither you nor they are confined to reading just those genres. You can read any genre you want!!

Declare your TBR on your socials by the 4th July. Make sure you use the hashtag #indieaccordsreadathon and tag @indieaccords

All stories over 100 pages count. Novella, Short Story (over 100 pages), Manga, Middle Grade, and Audiobooks also count 

You CAN double up your reading prompts if you would like (5 books min to be read to be eligible for any prizes)

Books included in your TBR can be Self Published or Independently Published. If you have any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to reach out on the Indie Accords Discord or Twitter.

TBRs CAN be changed throughout the readathon

The Captains

This year I am super excited to introduce our team Captains.

The most magical non-magical team, Team Narwhal is headed by Andrew from Andrew’s Wizardly Reads and Jessi from The Bookish Mom. They are two amazing people to follow for Indie Fantasy and Scifi recommendations in all genres.


Team Independant Kitties is headed by Mel from A Book Fiend Named Mel and Ely from Earl Grey Books. These Aussie booktubers are lovers of Fantasy, Romance and Contemporary. And just two of the sweetest people you will ever meet.

Independent Kitties

The final team is Steve from Steve Talks Books and me, Lana from Lore & Lullabies. We are the Dark Knights are though we both read a lot of other genres we do gravitate to the grittier side of Fantasy, Thriller and Horror. Steve also runs a podcast called Page Chewing with friend and author PL Stuart. I’ve been fortunate enough to be a guest on the show and the chats are always top tier.

Dark Knights


What is a competition without points, Am I’right

This year points will be calculated based on the number of pages read as per the pages Amazon US states for the paperback. This is the number, regardless of what format you use. Use the paperback (not mass market) to calculate points

For every 10 pages you read, you earn 1 points.

So say you read Dragon Mage by ML Spencer, Amazon tells us the physical book is 822 pages. That would give you 82 points. If you read Fantasy of Frost by Kelly St Clare with 264 pages, you earn 26 points

*Disclaimer: I discovered this point system by the good people at Indie Fantasy Addicts and it is so amazingly simple and seamless I had to use it for the Indie Accords this year.

What if it’s a DNF? – Obviously, we can’t love every book we pick up. You will still get 1 point for every 10 pages you read. If doing a review for a DNF, please keep it kind. Maybe state what you did and didn’t like but don’t be douche about it, yeah.

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