This year I’ve tried to keep the readathon super accessible and easy to read Indie no matter what genre you enjoy, so this year, the prompts a fairly broad.

  1. Read a host favourite.
    Our hosts have each provided 5 of their favourite Indie books and I know they all have superb taste, so you can’t go wrong.

2. Read an Author from a Different country to the one you live in. I feel this is pretty self explanatory.

3. Read a Book for its Cover. There have been some phenomenal covers produced over the last couple of years. So for this prompt, read a book because you love the cover.

4. Read in a different format than you usually do.

5. Leave a Review on an Indie book. Reviews are so important for Indie authors. We would love and encourage you to leave a review on every book you read but at a minimum one book.

6. Read a 5 star prediction. If you are new to Indie, feel free to ask for a recommendation. We are always happy to share great books based on your reading preferences.

7. Read a book with under 200 Reviews. As above, reviews and ratings are important. Please feel free to double up this prompt with the ‘Leave a Review’ prompt.

8. Read a Black, White, Red or Blue cover. There are plenty of options in the host favourites alone but there are so so many others. We’re using these colour for the prompt for ease of access. I want this readathon to be easy this year 🙂

9. Read a diverse book. This could be Disability rep, LGBTQIA+ rep, Author of Colour, Mental health rep. Anything.