About Me

Hello and welcome to Lore & Lullabies!!

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I’m Lana, mum of 3 munchkins and 3 half ragdoll kitties. There’s one up there ^

I’m based in Queensland Australia, originally from New Zealand, but a lot of us end up here in Aus 😅

I LOVE BOOKS, READING, FANDOMS, and all manner of bookish things. I have been reading since forever, but the first series that solidified my love affair with reading was Animorphs, years before the show came out. Yes I am that old. 

Since then, I gravitate toward more fantasy than anything else. I love high and urban fantasy, paranormal romance, action adventure all👏🏽of👏🏽the👏🏽things. Middle Grade, YA and Adult. I love it all. If there is magic or some kind of paranormal I am here for it. I still enjoy Science Fiction and Thrillers. In 2021 I am even getting into Horror which I have always been to much of a wuss to do previously, but so far am enjoying the ride and my dreams have (so far) been unaffected 🤘🏽 Woooo!

I read a lot of board books due to my youngest being an infant and thoroughly enjoy finding new amazing adventure and learning together, so you will find a few reviews for them on here as well

Last year I started reviewing more books with more than stars on Goodreads and I love it, I also have a Booktube Channel that I post to if you want to check that out. However I feel that I am unable to articulate my words well enough on camera and prefer to write my thoughts. So, here I am. 

I do participate in a few readathons throughout the year as well which is a REALLY fun way to get reading done with others. 

So why Lore & Lullabies? Lore is what I grew up with. The tales of my ancestors, the myths and legends of my people and then other cultures too. I love reading re-tellings and lore in fantasy. Lullabies is a nod to my kids as I am trying ad hopefully succeeding in building a love of reading in them as well. 

Outside of this bookish realm I am a freelance video editor and beta reader, poor housewife (why clean all day when I could read), karaoke queen and as the kids say Mama Wolf. Still not sure why they call me that….

Thanks so much for stopping by. I love chatting with other people in the book community and just people in general, so please leave a comment and say hi. 

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