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Book Tour || BLACKCOAT by Steve J McHugh

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Kia Ora and welcome back friends!! It’s been a minute but I am super excited to be returning with my stop for the book tour of Blackcoat by Steve J McHugh. Thanks so much to Justine & Timy @ Storytellers on Tour for allowing me to be a part of the tour and a massive shoutout to Steve McHugh for the new release and thank you so much for sending me the first ever copy of a book sent from an author/publisher ever!!! I may have squealled when I opened the mailbox to see that. (This is very much a big deal for me especially being way down here in little ole’ Australia.)

Read on where you will find more about the book, my thoughts, links to grab you a copy, and how to enter the GIVEAWAY!!!


When Celine Moro took a job as a Blackcoat, an elite agency tasked with investigating crimes throughout Union space, she thought she had finally put her past to rest.

Now, betrayed by her allies, her world is falling apart. Running from the corrupt politicians that she had sworn to bring to justice, Celine is dusting off the skills of her old trade in order to bring truth to light.

The only thing bringing her comfort is knowing how much worse her friends are eventually going to feel about their betrayal.

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Title: Blackcoat by Steve J McHugh
Date of Publication: October 5 2021
Length: 120 pages
Genre: Sci-Fi Thriller
Favorite Quote: “The Blackcoats thought the guards little more than thugs, and the guards though the Blackcoats were a little too far up their own backsides. I figured both were probably right”
Content Warnings: Violence, Gore (by not very much)

My Review

Blackcoat was an enjoyable read and though it as short I wasn’t left feeling like it was lacking. However, should Steve want to go back into this world I am 100% down and will snatch it up immediately. The world building was the highlight for me here and I could easily revisit in a full length novel (hint hint)

The pacing at the start was medium as is to be expected, as the world and atmosphere is built, but it picked up and I was pleased by the action and arc of the plot. The characters were likeable (or unlikeable depending on how we wer supposed to view them) and Celine was just a badass. And can we please talk about what a great job SabreCore23 did on the cover art!! Absolutely gorgeous and pictures can’t do it justice (none that I can take at least)

Don’t think I have forgotten to touch on the main thing that might have a few of my audience on the fence. Yes, Blackcoat is about a kickass female protaginist with high stakes and certain death should she fail. As a male wrote this, you may think “Oh great, a man writing about another overly sexualised female protaginist…Ugh no thank you.” FEAR NOT my friends. This is in no way, shape or form like that AT ALL. No half page descriptions of boobs or the likes. Just fantastic world building, great revenge plot, action and characters. I feel like, as Steve is a father of 3 daughters, this was written for them or at least something he would be happy for them to read. One woman takes on the bad guys (with a little help), without the unneeded sexualised descriptions, traits etc that some authors and Hollywood are under the impression are needed to sell. For that alone Steve, I salute you. This is the kind of book I want MY daughters to read once they grow up.

If you enjoyed the likes of Blade Runner 2049, Ghost in the Shell vibes then I think you will definitely enjoy this fun, quick read.

About the Author

Steve is a bestselling author of Urban Fantasy. His book, Scorched Shadows, was shortlisted for a Gemmell Award for best novel, and he has sold over a million books worldwide.

Steve was born in a small village called Mexborough, South Yorkshire, but now lives with his wife and three young daughters in Southampton.


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