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B.A.B.E Book Club & Reading Challenge

B.A.B.E stands for Books and Ballgowns Event. A romance book con on steroids (without the roid rage) held in Sydney Australia and hosted by authors Jaymin Eve and Tate James. They have just announced the next B.A.B.E will be held in June 2023!!!

So you can gauge my level of excitement, here is a video of the B.A.B.E of 2019 before covid came and ruined all our dreams of a 2020 event.

I was heavily pregnant at the time of the first B.A.BE so was unable to attend but, best believe I will be attending in 2023.

So, as I’m writing this, there are 26 months till the event. 144 Authors have confirmed attendance*.

I am setting myself a challenge to read at least one book from Every. Single. Author. Attending. That works out to be 5.5 books a month roughly.


  • Using origami stars I’ve made (that took way longer than I thought it would), I’ll pick 5 authors each month and randomly select the first book of one of their series.
  • I can choose to skip the author if I have already read a book from them.
  • I will post a review of each book read on Goodreads and this blog at a minimum but will try and vlog or review these on booktube as well.
Little origami stars. Each has an authors name inside it

Consequences of Incompletion:

I have no clue! Do you have any ideas? Please leave me some consequences for

I have created a Facebook group for this as most people who will be attending, or wanting to, are on Facebook. However if there is enough interest, I could also have a discord.

There are so many plans and idea’s for this book club knocking around in my brain, and I’m super excited to get the ball rolling.

First 5 authors we’ll be reading will be announced this this afternoon. Poll will be held in the Facebook group here.

Come join us, if you have a love of PNR, Romance Novels, Reverse Harem. Everything romance!! We would love to have you with us.

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