Mythothon 4 TBR – April

Eeeeep!!! Who loves a good readathon?! I sure as hell do!

Partway through March I got into a bit of a reading slump. Because of this, I decided that I wouldn’t do a readathon in April…Then Lousie from Foxes & Fairtales posted Round 4 of Mythothon and I had to back the truck up.

There way no way I wasn’t going to participate in this one!!

A Mythology inspired readathon, Mythothon Round 4 is based on Arthurian Legend and I cannot wait. I do have 2 other books outside of this readathon to complete in April too. I have created 2 versions of my tbr. One for the full list (one book per prompt) and a smaller tbr that includes double ups for a couple of prompts

For the rules, and important info go here.

Group Book:

The Arthurian retelling. I mentioned this in my TBR for March as a double up on the ‘Absent Parent’ trope. Once I decided to do this readathon I didn’t bother so looking forward to getting to it this month.

My Team:

This round I’m all about Team Morgan Le Fay.

The Team Prompt is: Read a story about a villainous, misunderstood or morally grey character.

After the Team and Group promts, we are tasked with recruiting the 12 Knights of the Round Table. As mentioned above, I will double up where need be and essentially have two TBR options, but will post the longer TBR here.

KING ARTHUR — Read a book featuring royalty.

SIR LANCELOT (Arthur’s greatest companion) — Read a book from a favourite author.

SIR GAWAIN (Known as the Green Knight) — Read a book with the colour green on the cover or in the title.

SIR PERCIVAL (the original hero in the quest for the Grail) — Read a book with a shiny cover.

SIR BORS (Arthur’s successor) — Read a sequel. 

SIR LAMORAK (one of the best knights but overlooked in the chivalric romance genre) — Read a book you think is under-hyped.

SIR KAY (Arthur’s foster brother) — Read a book with a significant sibling relationship.

SIR GARETH (the youngest knight) — Read a recent addition to your TBR.

Review Copy Sent by Publisist I need to get onto this one

SIR BEDIVERE (returns Excalibur to Nimue) — Read a book with something pointy on the cover.

SIR GALAHAD (“the most perfect of all knights”) — Read a book with a title that starts with a “G”.

March Read for SpaceSirens Book Club

SIR TRISTAN (falls in love with Isolde) — Read a book with a romance that should be legendary.

SIR GAHERIS (“the least well spoken of all his peers”) — Listen to an audiobook or read part of a story aloud. 

Wooo I got another Authurian Re-telling in here

**   CAMELOT — Read a book set in a place you’ve never visited.   **

Mother Russia here i come

Failing being able to finish all of those, here is my bare (physical) TBR. Cannot wait to jump into all of these and this readathon. You may notice a couple of books in here that is not listed above. That is The Witch’s Boy, this is the Middle Grade Book of the Month hosted by Gavin at How to Train Your Gavin and The Mask of Mirrors which is the group readathon in Lezlie’s (the Nerdy Narrative) Discord

Short April TBR Option

Which ones have you read? What are you reading this month?

4 thoughts on “Mythothon 4 TBR – April”

  1. Ooh this sounds like such a cool readathon! Despite it seeming like a light-hearted fantasy, Legendborn also dealt so sensitively with grief and identity… and The Gilded Ones was such an addictive and heartwarming one… I hope that you’ll love all these books and enjoy your readathon!! ❤

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  2. I have already started Winter’s Orbit and I am loving it so far. I don’t have a strict tbr for this readathon and I will just read a book and try to fit it with a prompt! I love your tbr! I hope you don’t fall into a bigger reading slump!

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