Readathon Tips

Readathons are so much fun and a great way to connect, share and be apart of something in the Bookish community with like minded readers.

However they can seem like a lot to take on at first. So, I thought I would put together a couple of tips that have helped me get through some massive TBR piles during a readathon.

  1. Double up on prompts

Wherever possible, and if your readathon permits, use the same book for multiple prompts. This is especially useful when first starting out readathons.

2. Use short to medium sized books

Readathons can have from 6-20 prompts! Reading multiple books 500+ pages can make it feel like a mammoth task. I tend to read books between 250 and 400 pages, unless there is a prompt to read a 500+ book.

3. Manga/ Graphic Novels are your friend

The only time the above doesn’t apply is when it comes to these. Though some of these can have quote a lot of pages, they are super quick to get through and really fun to read.

4. Pick books you are REALLY interested in

This sounds like it should be a no brainer, but I have been guilty of picking books purely because it fit a prompt. If you get stuck on what will fit the prompt, most readathons have dedicated Twitter, Instagram and Discord channels so you can always ask on them. The community is like a mind hive and hasn’t let me down once.

5. Socially Acceptable

Get your friends involved. There is usually a Twitter or Instagram hashtag for readathons so even if you don’t know anyone involved IRL, you can make friends and compete with others via social media. I’m quite competitive but also the biggest hype girl. Readathons let me do both by trying to read the most (this has never happened yet) but also celebrate everyone else. Such a supportive place to be 😊 Warm fuzzier all round

6. It’s okay to change your TBR

It’s all well and good to have your TBR set aside and ready to go for your readathon, but sometimes you just can’t get into a book or just simply don’t like it. Don’t be discouraged. It is totally fine to swap it for something else that fits.

7. Audiobooks for the win

It’s impossible to read throughout the whole readathon. Audiobooks are awesome when it comes to reading while doing other things. Choose a speed you feel comfortable listening to and get it done (jobs and reading). And they count. THEY 100% COUNT!

8. Don’t forget self-care

I have been guilty of this in my early days of readathons. Neglected sleep, food, my hair (though that’s not all that uncommon πŸ˜…) because I wanted to complete all the books in my TBR. I was not worth knowing the few days after my family will tell you. Have a soak in the bath, do a hair/ face mask, cook your favourite meal. Look after yourself. Readathons are supposed to be fun.

9. Have Fun

I think this is on every top tip to success in anything but there is a good reason why. Readathons are fun and interactive if you want them to be.

Following these tips can help you to a successful readathon.

What’s your favourite tip for readathons?

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