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Arc Review: Throwing Shade

Title: Throwing Shade

Date of Publication: March 15th 2021 by Te Da Media Inc

Length: 340 pages

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy

Audience: New Adult & Adult

Favorite Quote: “It’s a truth universally acknowledged that angry women get shit done.

Content Warnings: Violence, Language, Some body gore

Series: Sequels yet to be published

Retailers: *Amazon also available on Kindle Unlimited


She’s ditching her shapewear, owning her hormones, and letting her magic fly free. Underestimate her. That’ll be fun.

It’s official. Miriam Feldman is killing it in the midlife crisis department. She’s mastered boredom, aced invisibility, and graduated Summa Cum Laude in smiling and playing nice in her post-divorce life. But when a drink with a “good guy” goes sideways, Miriam snaps, and in a cold dark rage unleashes a rare and powerful shadow magic.

To make matters worse, her best friend goes missing and Miri is thrust into a world of hidden magic, vampires, and a legacy of hatred aimed directly at her. Hard to say which is more dangerous, this spiderweb of supernatural power plays, the grumpy French wolf shifter she’s teamed up with, or Miri herself, kicking butt and rediscovering the woman who got lost along the way.

But lines get blurred in the shadows, and if she’s not careful, she could lose everyone she loves. She’ll have to turn her invisibility into strength and pray they never see her coming.


Miriam is a woman of my own heart. She’s a mum, is acutely aware of her flaws, but also her own power, supernatural things aside. I was laughing and snapping throughout this entire book. Miriam is my spirit animal. Internal monologues in books usually annoy me but Miriams inner voice is what I wanna be like when I grow up.

I love the storyline and banter she has with the male lead, Mr Huff ‘n Puff. What is his real name again?… It doesn’t matter. Their nicknames for each other are endearing and I’m looking forward to seeing where the tension between them leads to.

The action and pacing of this book suited my tastes well, and went down like a bottle of Moscato on a school night – really happily and quickly. There are bad guys everywhere, and even the man in her employ has secrets of his own. Tick, tick and tick for me.

‘Throwing Shade’ was slightly different to what I thought it would be. But it delivered what I was wanting. Fast action, sexual tension, wit, badassery and humour within the paranormal UF setting. Thoroughly enjoyed it and will be continuing this series for some good light hearted easy reading.

I received a copy of this for review from the publisher Te Da Media Inc and NetGalley (thank you so much!) All opinions are my own.

My Rating


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